The Power of Immigrant Entrepreneurs

July 3, 2023 – Sohail Masood, the founder and CEO of KabaFusion, shares his inspiring journey as an immigrant from Pakistan and his entrepreneurial success in the United States on The Business of Pharmacy podcast.

In this episode, Sohail discusses his educational experiences, including his studies in biology and pharmacy, and how he was drawn to home infusion pharmacy due to his desire to help HIV/AIDS patients. He talks about the challenges he faced as an entrepreneur and the growth of his company, KavaFusion, which has become the largest home infusion company in America. Sohail reflects on his motivations beyond financial success and his passion for making a positive impact in the healthcare industry. The conversation also touches on topics such as non-compete agreements, the importance of staying connected to employees as a CEO, and Sohail’s plans for the future, including his desire to retire in the next few years. Throughout the episode, Sohail’s dedication to giving back and supporting charitable causes shines through.

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