Telemonitoring Programs

For over a decade, hundreds of patients have happily taken advantage of our telemonitoring programs, allowing patients to complete infusions safely at home, with more independence, flexibility and privacy, creating a better experience and greater patient satisfaction.


KabaFusion provides 2 telemonitoring programs:


Remote monitoring utilizes state-of-the-art technology, which allows patients to collect and transmit health data securely from the comfort and convenience of their home to a trained telemonitoring nurse for on-going monitoring during each infusion


Self monitoring offers an enhanced level of independence for the patient. Patients are responsible for monitoring their vital signs during the infusion, and contacting their nurse to report any vital signs outside the provided range. The patient/care giver is educated on vital sign parameters, and when to report them to their nurse.

How It Works:


KabaFusion telemonitoring programs offer a number of benefts, including:

  • Increased patient independence, schedule flexibility & privacy
  • Easy setup and no additional cost to patient
  • Reduced exposure to infections
  • 24/7 access to care team
  • Shorter nursing visits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Both the patient and the prescriber must provide consent for the patient to participate in the telemonitoring programs.

Should the need arise, a field nurse can return to the patient’s home to assist within 2 hours.

Telemonitoring patients who need more direct patient care can transition to fully attended nursing visits at any time. 

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