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KabaFusion offers unparalleled adult and pediatric home infusion care for our patients across the country

KabaFusion is a home infusion company that excels in its approach to patient care and positive clinical outcomes. Our success is the result of teamwork from a dedicated staff that is empowered to make a difference.

About KabaFusion

At KabaFusion, we are guided by our commitment to positive clinical outcomes and excellence in specialty acute and immunoglobulin infusion. We are dedicated to working proactively with patients, healthcare practitioners and payors to provide comprehensive support before, during and after treatment.


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We offer customized infusion therapy treatments to all our patients. Let our patient-focused care team use their expertise to guide and support you through the infusion process . 


KabaFusion delivers a rapid response to referrals and quick turnaround time for coverage verification with 24/7 support for providers and patients from our specially trained infusion nurses and pharmacists. 


Our commitment to positive clinical outcomes, in addition to providing comprehensive support before, during and after treatment, allows us to deliver a seamless and more cost-effective solution to our Payor partners. 

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Our team of highly-skilled infusion nurses will administer your infusion treatment in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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Communicate directly with your care team and instantly update changes to formula, supplies and tolerance to therapy.


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Features that we will be adding include telehealth visits & delivery tracking!


Meet our passionate leadership team and learn what motivates them to do the work they do.

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