KabaFusion Celebrates 10 Years!

As we hit this milestone, we took a couple of minutes to sit down with our founder and CEO, Dr. Sohail Masood, to find out what sets KabaFusion apart from other infusion companies:

September 29th, 2020 – It has been quite a decade for us, and as we have grown to become the largest privately held infusion company, with 23 locations across the country and service capabilities nationwide, we continue our commitment to positive clinical outcomes and excellence in specialty acute and immunoglobulin infusion. We are dedicated to working proactively with patients, healthcare practitioners and payors to provide comprehensive support before, during and after treatment.

KabaFusion is a specialty infusion therapy company specializing in IVIG, SCIG and acute therapies, individually customized and delivered/administered in the comfort and safety of the patients home.