AlayaCare Announces Technology Integration with KabaFusion Holdings

Jan. 18th, 2023 –

Leading provider of specialty pharmacy and home infusion in North America selects AlayaCare Cloud to be compliant with the Cures Act and the Electronic Visit Verification mandates for skilled care and home infusion services

AlayaCare, a developer of home and community care technology, today announced that KabaFusion, a leading provider of home infusion therapies, chose AlayaCare Cloud as its next generation digital platform to address market growth. KabaFusion currently offers a broad range of high-quality specialty pharmacy and home infusion services across the United States, providing positive clinical outcomes and excellence in specialty acute and chronic therapies. The company is dedicated to working proactively with patients, healthcare practitioners and payors to provide comprehensive support before, during and after treatment. 

KabaFusion continues to grow across North America, and is committed to modernizing its scheduling infrastructure. AlayaCare offers the most modern, flexible technology platform designed to specifically meet new mandates and compliance requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act  and individual state sanctioned Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) rules, which apply to Skilled Care & Home Infusion Service providers. EVV Data Transmissions can be sent directly from one source, allowing RNs to send EVV data to key state and payor-selected aggregators. The Nursing Mobile Application will allow RNs to capture EVV data right from their mobile devices. 

“KabaFusion is licensed to provide home infusion and specialty pharmacy services in 44 states with a comprehensive offering of acute and chronic infusion therapies. Nurse scheduling, electronic visit verification, and data management infrastructure are important areas of focus for our continued growth, which led us to partnering with AlayaCare,” said Greg Maron, Chief Information Officer at KabaFusion. 

“This new business relationship with KabaFusion represents another milestone in validating the AlayaCare commitment to the growing home-infusion services sector. Our extensible platform in AlayaCare Cloud scales to provide configurations that support a broad range of service providers and markets,” said Adrian Schauer, CEO and Founder of AlayaCare. “We are driven to modernize how home-based care and home infusion services will benefit from operational efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks. Our data-rich platform helps service providers like KabaFusion provide our loved ones care and nurturing in the place they call home,” added Schauer. 

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